Press & Media

Press & Media

A Guardian article about how to grow your own community beer

An article in the Sunday Telegraph about growing your own hops, with lovely mentions of both Brixton Beer and the Palace Pint.

Fame at last for Sam Holt and Cardiff’s Grow Beer project in Wales Online.

Deal Hop Farm in Beer 52

Leeds Co-Hoperative in Beer Today

Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition Towns movement, wrote a piece  back at the start of the journey. It’s a great read and includes interviews with Dr. Peter Derby, an expert on hops, Martin Crawford and Stroud Brewery.

Here’s a nice feature about the project in Transition Free Press.

One of our growers from Brixton Beer wrote a series of blog posts about the first year of his hop growing adventures: check them out! Part one, part two, part three, part fourpart fivepart six and part seven.